A team of industry veterans leveraging decades of experience with cutting edge programmatic, data-driven and rich media solutions.

Your programmatic partner

We are working with multinational and local brands, network and independent agencies. We are your on-demand programmatic department, integrating smoothly with your team and processes.

Speak to your Audience

Your success is guaranteed by our diverse tech stack and strong partnerships with the best local and global data providers, content networks and publishers.

Creativity through technology

We belive that in an online space saturated with advertisement having a stunning creative is only the first step. To cut through and stand out, brands need to engage their audience; to take them for a ride, through interaction, personal messages and moving narratives.

Your one stop shop

for digital advertisement

Media strategy

Full funnel online strategy development. From platform selection to conversion tracking, from creative concept to data activation. From ideas to results.

Campaign Management

360° programmatic campaign management tailored to your business needs: DSP, DMP, DCO, Rich Media Platform, Ad Server, Brand Safety, Viewability, Fraud prevention, ad verification. A full tech-palette for any occasion.

Creative building

Stunning, interactive, programmatic-friendly rich media ads to stand out from the noise. Dynamic ads, real-time creative optimization, in-stream and out-stream videos. Forget the templates, be unique!

The bells and whistles

Custom reporting, real-time dashboards, video hosting, website tagging and analytics. A team of ad-tech heroes to guide you through the jungle!

Engaging Experiences

Serve unique formats – Deliver programmatically.

Your guides in the ad-tech world

Csingár Zoltán

Managing Director

Morvai Zoltán

Managing Partner

Vámos Viktor

Business Development Director

Lajkó Dániel

Digital Director

Pócsik Tamás

Ad Ops Team Lead

Ésik Fruzsina

Creative Team Lead

Károlyi Johanna

Programmatic Account Manager

dr. Szollás Rita

Office Manager

Szabó Janka

Creative and Brand Manager

Sinkó Dávid

Programmatic Account Manager

Hidasi Péter

Senior Ad Developer

Morvai Bálint

Graphic Designer Trainee

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