This classic videobanner starts playing as soon as it appears on screen, but without sound to preserve the user experience on the website. The most cost effective video ad solution. Additional interactive elements and brand messages can be displayed alongside the video.

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Your guides in the ad-tech world

Csingár Zoltán

Managing Director

Morvai Zoltán

Managing Partner

Vámos Viktor

Business Development Director

Lajkó Dániel

Digital Director

Pócsik Tamás

Ad Ops Team Lead

Ésik Fruzsina

Creative Team Lead

Károlyi Johanna

Programmatic Account Manager

dr. Szollás Rita

Office Manager

Szabó Janka

Creative and Brand Manager

Sinkó Dávid

Programmatic Account Manager

Hidasi Péter

Senior Ad Developer

Morvai Bálint

Graphic Designer Trainee

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